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Nokia Lumia 800.. a piece of art!

Been using the Lumia 800 for the last few days, and this has by far, been the best WP7 phone I have ever used! No doubts about it. Everything about this phone screams of quality. From the size of the phone, to the screen quality, the material of the phone body itself, and finally, the […]

Nokia Lumia 800! Sweeeet!

Sweet! Look what was just given to me, courtesy of Nokia! A brand new Nokia Lumia 800 device! And its mine to keep. Awesome! I think Microsoft needs more handsets like this where the design and quality is really fantastic. Do you really need 1Gb of ram or even dual core processors? Nah! With Windows […]

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 3 (settings)

Lots of new settings for Mango. Its quite a huge improvement to me, and it looks like Microsoft has been listening to users’ feedback. I sure hope they finalize Mango and release the production version soon. In case you are curious what phone I’m running Mango on, take a look below

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 2 (messaging)

Following up on part 1 of the review, where I looked at the improvements of the People Hub, I will now highlight the differences in the messaging functions in Mango. On the overall, the improvement over NODO is quite significant, with the build in IM client as the biggest one.

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 1

Managed to get my hands on an early WP7 Mango build, and I am really impressed. The improvements, while subtle for now, really does make the phone a more pleasant one to use. Been using it for a day and I really like what they have done to it. As this is a very early […]

Dell Venue Pro

Guess what just got delivered to my home. The Dell Venue Pro! After 2 weeks of waiting, it finally got delivered. It’s a really nice phone compared to my current LG Panther. The screen is much bigger and definitely more responsive. I guess the difference between a Production and a Prototype phone is obvious. Managed […]