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Text Wrapping a WP7 HyperlinkButton

If you have ever used a HyperlinkButton in your WP7 app, you will notice that the “TextWrapping” property is not available to that control. What happens if you have a HyperlinkButton with a really long name is, it gets truncated as such. You can set the text to wrap though by generating your own custom […]

Data Binding IsEnabled values to the WP7 appbar button

If you’ve ever tried to databind values to a WP7 application appbar, you will realize that its not possible to do so. This will mean, for example, that you will not be able to enable/disable an appbar button by setting the value in your View Model. You will instead, need to do this from the […]

Minimize data binding lag in WP7 by delaying the load data for the ViewModel Items

In a Model View ViewModel (MVVM) WP7 app, the loading of data for the ViewModel items usually gets executed in the page “Loaded” event. When the ViewModel Items is huge (list of many items), there is a noticeable lag though, when navigating to the page, and having the page opened. For example, click a link […]

Changing font size, color and style of WP7 Panorama/Pivot title

While helping out at the Nokia X-Calibre hackathon, one of the most commonly asked question I got was, The font size of the panaroma/pivot title is too big. How do I change the size, or even add an image to the title, while still maintaining the default margins… It really is simple to do this. […]