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Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.4 now available

Version 1.4 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version adds pagination of the pictures to prevent the app from crashing when it loads an article with too many pictures. This version also includes minor UI changes, which makes it more consistent to the metro design. Do let me know what you […]

BusGuide WP7 errors fixed, ver 1.6 now available

Version 1.6 of BusGuide WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version fixes the errors when retrieving bus arrival timing, which occured due to the transitlink website changes. This version also includes minor UI changes, which I hope makes the app more user friendly. Do let me know what you think of it. Leave a […]

SG Movies 1.1 now on marketplace

SG Movies version 1.1 can now be downloaded from the marketplace. This version brings 2 very useful features, the checking of seat availability from the app, by linking directly to the cinema’s booking system, and viewing of trailers for each show. Do give it a go and provide a positive rating if you like the […]

SG Used Cars 1.3 for mango, now on marketplace

The SG Used Cars app mango update is finally up on marketplace. Version 1.3 does not add new features but only improvements to the existing ones. One improvement is the fast app switching. You can now multi task and switch back to the app and it will open immediately. The other improvement is that when […]

Review of STOMP Mobile

Joyce Lim, who writes a weekly column in e27, a tech-blog, contacted me a few days back expressing interest in doing a review of one of my WP7 app, STOMP Mobile. I wrote back to her giving some insights on why I chose to develop this app.

Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now available on the Marketplace. This update is only for Mango devices, and fixes the issue where the app crashes when starting up. The crashes were due to changes in the stomp website, which broke the way my app was pulling data from it. This releases fixes that […]

STOMP Mobile broken due to changes in STOMP website

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just 1 day after I demoed STOMP Mobile at the official Mango launch event, the app is now broken. It was working this evening but has stopped working bout 15 mins ago. Doing a check with, it looks like app has broken down due to the HTML changes introduced […]

BusGuide WP7 now Mango ready, ver 1.5

BusGuide WP7 is now mango ready. Fast app switching is now working so switching back to BusGuide when multi tasking works very well. In addition to this, you can now pin to start any of the bus stops in your favourite list. This release also fixes a bug, where pressing the refresh button after 1 […]

Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now mango ready. This update is only for Mango devices, and brings with it lots of improvements. Fast App switching is now available, allowing you to quickly switch back to the app when multitasking. Pin to start any news articles or categories. Need to share an article on […]

BusGuide2 for WM6.5 ver 1.4 now available

To all those who have been mailing me to beta test version 1.4 of BusGuide2 for WM6.5, it is now up for download. No new features, have been added. This version only fixed the issues with the bus arrival timing, by using the official SBS Iris APIs.