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XINMSN 2.1 now on marketplace

After a few months of working on the update to the XINMSN app, the new version is finally up on marketplace. This new version has a reworked UI, additional content, swipe left/right to load next/previous photos, pinch to zoom and a few other enhancements. One feature I find really useful is the daily TV guide […]

SG Used Cars broken due to updates

The SG Used Cars app is not working properly for now, due to updates to the website. Apparently, some of the URL which was used to pull the vehicle classified ads data, are now invalid. The COE prices and the calculator functions are still working though. I’m currently testing the new version, and an […]

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 3 (settings)

Lots of new settings for Mango. Its quite a huge improvement to me, and it looks like Microsoft has been listening to users’ feedback. I sure hope they finalize Mango and release the production version soon. In case you are curious what phone I’m running Mango on, take a look below

BusGuide WP7 update now on marketplace

The update to BusGuide WP7 is now on marketplace. Bus arrival timing is now working, via the APIs provided by SBS. Functionality is now slightly different though. To ensure that my app does not flood SBS’s servers, I am now caching the bus timing results pulled from a query, for 1 minute. What this means […]

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 2 (messaging)

Following up on part 1 of the review, where I looked at the improvements of the People Hub, I will now highlight the differences in the messaging functions in Mango. On the overall, the improvement over NODO is quite significant, with the build in IM client as the biggest one.

BusGuide updates will be out soon

I received the developer key from SBS last week, and have started making the code changes to BusGuide, to make use of the APIs from SBS. There will be some minor changes to the app, in that it will now need to get your unique device ID. This is required to allow a more accurate […]

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 1

Managed to get my hands on an early WP7 Mango build, and I am really impressed. The improvements, while subtle for now, really does make the phone a more pleasant one to use. Been using it for a day and I really like what they have done to it. As this is a very early […]

Dell Venue Pro

Guess what just got delivered to my home. The Dell Venue Pro! After 2 weeks of waiting, it finally got delivered. It’s a really nice phone compared to my current LG Panther. The screen is much bigger and definitely more responsive. I guess the difference between a Production and a Prototype phone is obvious. Managed […]