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STOMP Mobile broken due to changes in STOMP website

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just 1 day after I demoed STOMP Mobile at the official Mango launch event, the app is now broken. It was working this evening but has stopped working bout 15 mins ago. Doing a check with, it looks like app has broken down due to the HTML changes introduced […]

BusGuide WP7 now Mango ready, ver 1.5

BusGuide WP7 is now mango ready. Fast app switching is now working so switching back to BusGuide when multi tasking works very well. In addition to this, you can now pin to start any of the bus stops in your favourite list. This release also fixes a bug, where pressing the refresh button after 1 […]

Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now mango ready. This update is only for Mango devices, and brings with it lots of improvements. Fast App switching is now available, allowing you to quickly switch back to the app when multitasking. Pin to start any news articles or categories. Need to share an article on […]