Ever wonder when the next bus is coming, and what route the bus takes? How about which bus stops are currently nearby or along a particular road? With BusGuide, these information are now at your finger tips.

Developed for the Windows Mobile 6 and older platform, BusGuide lets you get the bus arrival timing of SBS and SMRT busses at different bus stops around Singapore. Search for nearby bus stops or those along any road and view when the next bus is coming. You can even add a bus stop to your favourite list for quick retrieval the next time.

Lookup the bus number to get the bus route information so you know exactly where to stop. All these in an easy and intuitive UI designed specially for you mobile phone.



If the bus stop you are getting the timing for is missing a particular bus service

  • create a blank text file “busdata.txt”
  • edit the text file with the format <<bus stop id>>:<<space delimited bus number>>
  • enter each bus stop id on a new line
  • example
  • copy this text file to the busGuide2 installation folder
  • when you query the bus stop, the bus number that you added in the text file should appear now



query query



search search




info info



nearby nearby



favourite favourite





change logs

Version 4.9 (5th July 2010)

  • Improve speed of arrival timing query
  • Allow the addition of missing bus numbers at a bus stop. (see instructions above)
  • Clicking the bus number from any timing table, will bring up the route information for that bus

Version 4.8 (26th June 2010)

  • Reworked and cleaned up most of the internal functions
  • Reduce the file size by about 30% (from 630kb to 449kb)
  • Added workaround for the broken nearby function
  • Minor UI changes

Version 4.5 (8th April 2010)

  • Reverted back to use Compact Framework 2.0 (solve compatibility issues with some devices)
  • Reduce the file size by about 80% (from 3000kb to 630kb)
  • Added functionality to arrange and edit favourite list
  • Added support for SMRT busses (limited to the 200+ stops where SMRT timing is available)
  • Minor UI changes
  • Google Static map size changed to 640 x 640 (the max allowed by Google)
  • Files are provided as a Cab format and allow you to choose between storage card or device installation

Version 4.2 (13th March 2010)

  • Updated to use Compact Framework 3.5 (cf 3.5 required to be installed on device)
  • Fixed bug where bus timing gets shown as invalid
  • Fixed bug where bus timing result sometimes shows up as garbage characters
  • Fixed bug where bus timing for bus 225 not displayed at Bedok Int (84009)
  • Included a progress bar so that user will know when request is completed
  • Improved timing of getting current location
  • Google maps display in nearby function can now be scrolled with your fingers instead of scroll bars
  • Zoom in and zoom out the map, and double tap map to centralise image
  • Dropdown list shows the bus stop names of the nearby bus stops found
  • Size of Number pad has been increased
  • Settings menu added to allow switching on of debug mode (when on, logs every error into a log file)

Version 4.0 (28th February 2010)

  • Enabled the Nearby function (GPS not required)
  • Fixed bug where app crashes when starting a new query when existing one has not finished
  • Fixed bug where bus timing result sometimes shows up as garbage characters

Version 3.0 (23rd February 2010)

  • Enabled the Info function
  • Improved look of buttons
  • Added visual indication when search is still running
  • Added number pad on Info and Query function
  • Fixed bug where app will crash trying to get timing of too many bus services

Version 2.7 (17th February 2010)

  • Fixed bug with timing not being retrieved
  • UI changes
  • Added support for bus interchange
  • Now in a cab format to be installed

Version 2.5 (15th February 2010)

  • Improved Timing retrievals
  • Fixed bug in favourite list
  • Show timing of busses ending with a letter

Version 2.0 (8th February 2010)

  • Added the search function
  • Gave title to the icons at the bottom row
  • Added visual effect to show which function is selected

Version 1.0 (6th February 2010)

  • Initial release




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