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Developed for the WM 6.5 platform, Stomp Mobile, is the unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5 application that lets you read local Singapore news from the Straits Times Online Mobile Print (STOMP) website. Being Singapore’s citizen-journalism website with user generated material, new contents are constantly posted so you will never get bored again.

Specially designed for the small screen of your mobile phones, the Stomp Mobile apps brings to you articles and news from various categories. Browse through the uploaded pictures with ease, or read all the comments posted.

A must have app, which keeps you updated on what’s going on around Singapore.



To change the color theme

  • edit the “qvga-panel-spacer-color.jpg” (QVGA) or the “vga-panel-spacer-color.jpg” (VGA) image file which is installed in the Stomp folder
  • Change the color of the image using any image editor, to the color theme you want. Bottom pixel of the image will be the transparent color
  • copy this image file to the Stomp Mobile installation folder
  • Alternatively, download the example below, rename it to “qvga-panel-spacer-color.jpg” for QVGA or “vga-panel-spacer-color.jpg” for VGA devices and copy to your device
  • blue theme VGA, blue theme QVGA, pink theme VGA, pink theme QVGA


Version & Settings

main settings



summary summary





Comments & Color Themes

comments comments





change logs

Version 1.2 (17th February 2011)

  • fixed errors due to changes in the website

Version 1.1 (30th July 2010)

  • Minor UI changes
  • Display icon of how many pictures/comments are available
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimised memory usage

Version 1.0 (15th June 2010)

  • Minor UI changes
  • Display how many pictures/comments in total and how many has been loaded
  • Fixed more bugs which caused the app to crash

Beta 0.8 (1st June 2010)

  • Changeable font size
  • View comments function enabled
  • Changing of color theme by editing the jpg file in the installed folder
  • Application icon changed
  • Fixed few bugs which caused the app to crash

Beta 0.5 (23rd Apr 2010)

  • Initial release




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