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Ever wonder when the next bus is coming, and what route the bus takes? How about which bus stops are currently nearby or along a particular road? With BusGuide, these information are now at your finger tips.

Ported from the previous Windows Mobile 6.5 version, BusGuide lets you get the bus arrival timing of SBS and SMRT busses at different bus stops around Singapore. Search for nearby bus stops or those along any road and view when the next bus is coming. You can even add a bus stop to your favourite list for quick retrieval the next time.

Lookup the bus number to get the bus route information so you know exactly where to stop. All these in an easy and intuitive UI designed specially for you mobile phone.






timing location



road bus stop


Bus Route









change logs

Version 1.7 (1st Nov 2012)

  • Bug fix to prevent app from crashing upon start up

Version 1.6 (22nd Apr 2012)

  • Minor UI changes
  • Fixes bus timing information

Version 1.5 (28th Sept 2011)

  • Mango devices only
  • Fixed bug where timing is wrong when refreshing after 1 min
  • Pin any bus stop from your favourite list to start

Version 1.4 (1st July 2011)

  • Updated UI
  • Bus timing cached for 1 minute
  • Choose what bus to be displayed from your favourite stop

Version 1.3 (14th June 2011)

  • Fixed bus arrival timing to use SBS APIs

Version 1.2 (3rd February 2011)

  • Bug fixes due to changes in www.transitlink.com website
  • Added setting to enable/disable location services

Version 1.1 (25th November 2010)

  • minor changes in UI
  • added map view of bus stop location

Version 1.0 (8th October 2010)

  • initial release




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  2. [...] 1.4 of BusGuide WP7 is now up on marketplace. This version has an updated UI which I hope is cleaner and less confusing [...]

  3. [...] BusGuide WP7 is now mango ready. Fast app switching is now working so switching back to BusGuide when multi tasking works very well. In addition to this, you can now pin to start any of the bus stops in your favourite list. [...]

  4. [...] 1.6 of BusGuide WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version fixes the errors when retrieving bus arrival timing, [...]

  5. [...] BusGuide WP7 version 1.7 can now be downloaded from Marketplace. This version fixes the crashing error some users get when initially starting up the app. BusGuide downloads a list of bus stops, where SMRT bus timing are supported, upon first start of the app. If this list has already been downloaded before, this function will be skipped. There was a recent change in SMRT’s website, which causes this function to fail, and in turn, crashes the app. This only affects new users, and not existing users (who already have the list of bus stops stored on the phone). Posted in Updates Tags: BusGuide, News, WP7 You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. [...]

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