SBS blocking IRIS bus timing info

I started getting emails from a few BusGuide users, that the app no longer shows the bus timing information. My first thought was that maybe, the SBS IRIS website is down. Checking the site on my browser, I was surprised though, to see that there is now, a CAPTCHA field, that has to be filled up upon every request to IRIS.

Due to this CAPTCHA verification process put in, BusGuide no longer has access to the information from IRIS. It looks like SBS has started blocking the bus timing information to third party apps. If this is indeed true, than it’s very disappointing. Coincidentally, the SBS IRIS app for the iPhone launched a few days back.

I am currently unable to bypass the CAPTCHA verification, so unfortunately, this means that there will not be an update to BusGuide. I have contacted SBS to request if they can provide me access to the information, but for now, BusGuide will remain broken.

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