WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 2 (messaging)

Following up on part 1 of the review, where I looked at the improvements of the People Hub, I will now highlight the differences in the messaging functions in Mango. On the overall, the improvement over NODO is quite significant, with the build in IM client as the biggest one.

IM status IM online

You can now login to IM (depends on what account you setup on your phone, facebook, msn live, etc…) And from there, you can see who else is online, and easily send them an IM message.

sms chat facebook chat

SMS chat are now shown in 2 tone colors, so that you can differentiate received/sent messages. Clicking the switch icon at the bottom allows you to switch to facebook chat (if that contact is a facebook contact also), and all chats via facebook appears in the same thread of messages. Its very tightly integrated, making it a clean implementation.

email email

In the email app, you can now choose to have your emails group by conversation. You can also merge multiple mail accounts into 1 unified inbox. This gives you the freedom to choose what email folders you want merged and what to be seperated. A very fantastic implementation, instead of having to have every email account unified in 1 folder.

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