BusGuide WP7 update now on marketplace

The update to BusGuide WP7 is now on marketplace. Bus arrival timing is now working, via the APIs provided by SBS. Functionality is now slightly different though. To ensure that my app does not flood SBS’s servers, I am now caching the bus timing results pulled from a query, for 1 minute. What this means is, when you press the refresh button, and the current timing which is already displayed was retrieved less than a minute ago, the data will not be refreshed. Its a very crude implementation for now, to ensure that the app remains working but I’m currently working on a newer version which will be made available soon :)

Also to take note, bus departure timing is now no longer working, as the APIs from SBS unfortunately does not cater for it. I will be updating all my BusGuide version first, before reaching out to SBS to check if they have an API for this. Lets hope that they do :)

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