BusGuide2 for WM6.5 version 1.4 beta

Finally found the time to work on updating BusGuide2 for WM6.5. It works fine so far on the emulator, but as I do not currently have a WM6.5 device (HD2 got stolen), anyone interested to do some testing for me?

This update for BusGuide2 will only fix the bug where bus timing is not displayed. No new features have been added, and I doubt I will ever be adding any new features. This app will now go into bug fix mode only, and support will be limited, as I concentrate more on WP7 development.

To get a copy of the test build of BusGuide2, drop me a mail and I will send you the app

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6 Responses to “BusGuide2 for WM6.5 version 1.4 beta”

  1. Huang Ge says:

    My busguid2 v1.3 don’t working.

  2. Gene says:

    hi Adi
    I own a HD2 and would love to do the testing.

    thanks and regards, Gene

  3. C.J Tan says:

    Hello! could i have the app please!

  4. rolandyip says:

    i want it try at my diamond2 tks.

  5. gene says:

    no reply fr Adi till date

  6. Adi says:

    Sorry for the late replies. My wife just delivered on the 15th of Aug, and I’m finding it hard to code and be a new dad at the same time :)

    I have made available, the BusGuide2 ver 1.4 release, and you can download it from my “apps” page.

    Do leave a note letting me know if it works ok.

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