BusGuide2 for WM6.5 ver 1.4 now available

To all those who have been mailing me to beta test version 1.4 of BusGuide2 for WM6.5, it is now up for download. No new features, have been added. This version only fixed the issues with the bus arrival timing, by using the official SBS Iris APIs.

As I will be concentrating more on WP7 apps development, I will not be providing much support for my legacy WM apps. I would though, appreciate if you can please leave a comment, to at least let me know if its working fine or if there are any issues with this version.

Take note there is a known issue with Omnia 2 devices, and this app most likely will not work, due to the way the Omnia2 devices manages its memory.

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6 Responses to “BusGuide2 for WM6.5 ver 1.4 now available”

  1. rolandyip says:

    well done.

    Hope Can Have This On Android Version Too.

  2. Adi says:


    Unfortunately, I do not do Android development currently. I am thus unable to port it over to the Android OS.

  3. cs says:


    Thanks for the update!


  4. Alice says:


    The Busguide2 app for WM is my fav! However, it was working fine until recently. Keep getting message saying “invalid bus-stop number” or invalid bus number”. Were there any changes done lately?


    • Adi says:

      Hi, I’m getting data from transitlink.com.sg and it seems like their page was recently updated, which might explain the issue. Due to my busy schedule, I cannot commit when I can fix this, but will look into this further.

      Thanks for your support and feedback

  5. Joshua Lim says:

    I second that! also having the same problems with this app. it was such a great app when it was working though! very close to SGBuses!

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