STOMP Mobile broken due to changes in STOMP website

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just 1 day after I demoed STOMP Mobile at the official Mango launch event, the app is now broken. It was working this evening but has stopped working bout 15 mins ago.

Doing a check with, it looks like app has broken down due to the HTML changes introduced on the website. Investigating further, I also noticed that links to news article now has a session ID appended to it.

It looks like SPH might be trying to prevent third party apps from scrapping news article from it. If this is so, then it really is a waste. I did approach them to have them endorse my STOMP app, which is the only version available on the Windows Phone 7 platform, but they refused.

Will investigate further if I can update my app, but if SPH is really blocking access, then there is nothing much I can do. What a shame!

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3 Responses to “STOMP Mobile broken due to changes in STOMP website”

  1. Ben Chia says:

    hope they allow access or at least communicate with you..

    • Adi says:

      Looks like the Stomp website just finished their server move. I am currently testing the new version of my STOMP Mobile app and so far so good. Will test it for a few more days and release an update if it remains stable :)

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