Nokia X-Calibre Hackathon 2011

Nokia conducted a one-day Windows Phone application building contest, the X-Calibre Hackathon on November 19, 2011, and I got roped in to be one of the Windows Phone champ to guide participants during the event. and help with their technical questions.

About 60 participants in all, spread over 2 venues, Nokia and Microsoft. I was at the Nokia venue. Broken up into teams of 2-3 people each, some of the teams have really good ideas, and with time, I’m sure they can polish up their codes to deliver really innovative apps. It has been an eye opener for me. Lots of creative people here with really fresh ideas :)

The early birds

early birds


Me showing some code examples to one of the participants

showing some code examples


The participants at the Nokia office

nokia team


Pizza hut for lunch

lunch time


Trying to find a nice corner for myself to write some codes

finding a corner to code


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