Review of STOMP Mobile

Joyce Lim, who writes a weekly column in e27, a tech-blog, contacted me a few days back expressing interest in doing a review of one of my WP7 app, STOMP Mobile. I wrote back to her giving some insights on why I chose to develop this app.

The review is now completed and I am quite flattered by her positive review of the app.

My first impression of the app is how slick it looks and how vastly different it is from the website. I am really impressed. I appreciate that the website to app adaptation is not a literal copy and paste- that would have been easy to do.

The app definitely streamlined the full functionalities of the website and notably all other content except the news stories have been waylaid.

I also do appreciate her frank opinions on the shortcomings of the app. There are some aspects I’m hoping to improve on and will work on that for the next release :)

News stories load quickly however the photos loaded really slowly making browsing through photos quite a frustrating affair. I noticed a lack of loading activity so it becomes a little disconcerting because there is no feedback as well.

If you do use my STOMP app, do let me know how you find it and how I can improve it further. Do leave a ratings on Marketplace too :)

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