Nokia Lumia 800.. a piece of art!

Been using the Lumia 800 for the last few days, and this has by far, been the best WP7 phone I have ever used! No doubts about it. Everything about this phone screams of quality. From the size of the phone, to the screen quality, the material of the phone body itself, and finally, the fluidity of the WP7 OS.

In case anyone is wondering how I got this phone when its not even launched yet, this was given to me free, courtesy of Nokia Singapore :)

Look what just came in the morning. A new update for my Lumia 800

7440 update

OS version


The Nokia App Highlights makes it easy for a first time WP7 user to find apps to download. It shows the popular apps others are downloading, as well as local apps. My BusGuide and XINMSN app have made it here :) Stomp mobile is somewhere below though.

popular apps in singapore apps


The Nokia Drive which comes with the phone looks like a very useful app to have too. Settings for 2D/3D view etc..


3d vivew

2d view

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