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SG Movies is the one stop app for all your movie needs. Get upcoming movie details, read the plot, or view the trailers. Easily check for the showtime of current movies. Once you decided which movie to watch, you can even check the movie seating availability, and access the cinema booking system directly.

Add shortcuts of different cinemas or movies so that you can access those information quickly. Listing of all cinemas makes it easy for you to find the address and phone number of any cinemas.




Movie List


Movie Details


Cinema Details




Seat booking


change logs

Version 1.2 (10th Oct 2012)

  • fixed trailers issue
  • fixed bug with some movies not having any showtimes

Version 1.1 (7th Mar 2012)

  • view movie trailers
  • access seat booking directly

Version 1.0 (11th Feb 2012)

  • initial release




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  1. [...] SG Movies version 1.1 can now be downloaded from the marketplace. This version brings a very useful feature, the checking of seat availability from the app, by linking directly to the cinema’s booking system. [...]

  2. WH says:

    Any plan to list this app on US marketplace?

    Cant find it on my WP cos it is registered to US locale.

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