Stomp Mobile WP7 will be removed from MarketPlace

Stomp Mobile for WP7 has been one of the most successful app I’ve developed. Development of this app started way back in Oct 2010, when a representative from Microsoft Singapore, and myself, approached Singapore Press Holding (SPH), to discuss on the prospect of having a WP7 version of their popular IOS app, STOMP.

The meeting did not go very well and the idea was rejected due to the limited market reach of the WP7 platform. Numerous meeting later, multiple app demos, and it was still in vain. SP for some reason, just refused to have a WP7 version of the STOMP app.

Since the meeting is not going anywhere, I decided anyway to go ahead with the app development anyway, and the first version of Stomp Mobile was launched on 11th Nov 2011.

Unfortunately, this has not gone well with SPH, who has just sent me a legal letter, demanding me to take down Stomp Mobile from the Marketplace. It has been a lot of work to create the app, and it is with much disappointment, that I’m taking it down. Why can’t SPH approve this app instead, since they have no plans anyway for a WP7 app?

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