I got my first touch screen Windows Mobile phone some time in Jan 2010. My previous 4 phones were all non touch screen Windows Mobile phone. This was roughly a year after my wife got her iPhone 3GS. Her iPhone was really impressive. The screen is huge and responsive. Lots of useful apps available. 1 particular app which I was really impressed with, is the Transguide app. I can type in a bus stop ID, and it pulls a list of when the next bus is arriving! Very handy.

So I started using my new HTC HD2, and the first thing I did was to search for apps to download. Guess what.. There were no local apps at all! Surprisingly, even having been in the market for so long, the iPhone still beats it hands down, in terms of apps support.

With the rising popularity of the iPhone and Android platforms, Windows Mobile users, seems to have been left behind. Often, you see various innovative applications created for the iPhone and Android but none for the Windows Mobile platform. As a Windows Mobile user for the last 8 years, it’s really sad to see that there are more useful applications on the iPhone now.

That’s when I decided to write my own apps. I started developing my first mobile app, BusGuide, in Feb 2010. It took me slightly more than 2 months to complete. In my 2 months of reading and coding and getting used to the SDK, I encountered many different challenges. The provided user controls for the Windows Mobile platform looks really old. Compared to the UI of the iPhone, the Windows Mobile ones looked like it came from Windows 3.1. Didn’t help too, that the UI was not very touch friendly. Scroll bars are small and hard to use etc..

In Aug 2010, I managed to get free trainings for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, courtesy of Microsoft Singapore. With what I learned, it took me 2 weeks to port over BusGuide to the new platform. This new platform is a breath of fresh air and so much easier to code for. I ended up porting most of my Windows Mobile 6.5 apps to WP7.

I’ve created this site, for me to share and support the apps that I’ve developed and also the experience of my journey as a Windows Mobile developer. I hope you find my apps useful.

I also wanna say thanks to Chris Chin and Chris Ismael of Microsoft, for all the opportunity and help they’ve provided, from free trainings, to developers handset, and to my wife, Marissa for being understanding when I stay up late many nights a week, to work on my projects :)