NLB Singapore app broken due to changes in NLB website

The NLB Singapore app is currently broken due to changes in the website. I’m aware of this and am currently working on an update to fix it.

Do understand that since this is not an official app, and that I’m not using any APIs to get the data for the app, so updates will take some time as I will need to understand the changes to the site.

Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.4 now available

Version 1.4 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version adds pagination of the pictures to prevent the app from crashing when it loads an article with too many pictures.

This version also includes minor UI changes, which makes it more consistent to the metro design. Do let me know what you think of it. Leave a rating if you enjoy using the app.


Channel NewsAsia

I was contacted to develop the updated version to the Channel NewsAsia app, and am happy that after a few months, the app is now finally available on the marketplace. The Channel NewsAsia app should not need much introduction. This app allows you to enjoy the best of Channel NewsAsia and its website, offering the latest Singapore, Asia, World, Business and Sport news updates as well as a quick, visual news summary through the Photo Gallery.

Read articles, view pictures and videos, share them with your friends, swipe left and right to go to the next and previous article, and even sync news for offline reading. App automatically loads last synced news when there is no internet connection.

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BusGuide WP7 errors fixed, ver 1.6 now available

Version 1.6 of BusGuide WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version fixes the errors when retrieving bus arrival timing, which occured due to the transitlink website changes.

This version also includes minor UI changes, which I hope makes the app more user friendly. Do let me know what you think of it. Leave a rating if you enjoy using the app.

SG Movies 1.1 now on marketplace

SG Movies version 1.1 can now be downloaded from the marketplace. This version brings 2 very useful features, the checking of seat availability from the app, by linking directly to the cinema’s booking system, and viewing of trailers for each show.

Do give it a go and provide a positive rating if you like the app :)


SG Movies

SG Movies is the one stop app for all your movie needs. Get upcoming movie details, read the plot, or view the trailers. Easily check for the showtime of current movies. Once you decided which movie to watch, you can even check the movie seating availability, and access the cinema booking system directly.

Add shortcuts of different cinemas or movies so that you can access those information quickly. Listing of all cinemas makes it easy for you to find the address and phone number of any cinemas.

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Looking at the lack of good local news app, I decided to also port the app from the iPhone. The WP platform is a fast increasing one and I really wonder why SPH does not want to develop apps for it.

This app allows you to read the latest news from (online mobile for the young), Singapore’s first bilingual-friendly (Mandarin and English) news and interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH).

View photos and videos, and also have the news read to you, Like a particular article? This app lets you share it easily on your social networks.
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Razor TV

One of the app I used a lot in the iPhone is the Razor TV app. As such, I decided to port this app over to the WP7 platform.

The Straits Times RazorTV is an online video news channel that webcasts from Singapore Press Holding’s Multimedia Centre web studio. It offers videos on demand for those who want to control what they want to watch and when.

With a strong emphasis on hyper-local content, RazorTV is all about the latest happenings in Singapore. This free-access web TV service is an innovative convergence of both the Internet and TV platforms, a first in Singapore.

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Text Wrapping a WP7 HyperlinkButton

If you have ever used a HyperlinkButton in your WP7 app, you will notice that the “TextWrapping” property is not available to that control. What happens if you have a HyperlinkButton with a really long name is, it gets truncated as such.

truncated HyperlinkButton

You can set the text to wrap though by generating your own custom style, where you get to have more control of the text in the HyperlinkButton .

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Data Binding IsEnabled values to the WP7 appbar button

If you’ve ever tried to databind values to a WP7 application appbar, you will realize that its not possible to do so. This will mean, for example, that you will not be able to enable/disable an appbar button by setting the value in your View Model. You will instead, need to do this from the code behind, but this adds some complexity, when the value is actually determined and set in the View Model itself.

There is a workaround for this though, which should allow you to databind the IsEnabled value of the appbar button.

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