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BusGuide WP7 version 1.7 now available

BusGuide WP7 version 1.7 can now be downloaded from Marketplace. This version fixes the crashing error some users get when initially starting up the app. BusGuide downloads a list of bus stops, where SMRT bus timing are supported, upon first start of the app. If this list has already been downloaded before, this function will […]

BusGuide WP7 errors fixed, ver 1.6 now available

Version 1.6 of BusGuide WP7 is now available on marketplace. This version fixes the errors when retrieving bus arrival timing, which occured due to the transitlink website changes. This version also includes minor UI changes, which I hope makes the app more user friendly. Do let me know what you think of it. Leave a […]

BusGuide WP7 now Mango ready, ver 1.5

BusGuide WP7 is now mango ready. Fast app switching is now working so switching back to BusGuide when multi tasking works very well. In addition to this, you can now pin to start any of the bus stops in your favourite list. This release also fixes a bug, where pressing the refresh button after 1 […]

BusGuide2 for WM6.5 ver 1.4 now available

To all those who have been mailing me to beta test version 1.4 of BusGuide2 for WM6.5, it is now up for download. No new features, have been added. This version only fixed the issues with the bus arrival timing, by using the official SBS Iris APIs.

BusGuide2 for WM6.5 version 1.4 beta

Finally found the time to work on updating BusGuide2 for WM6.5. It works fine so far on the emulator, but as I do not currently have a WM6.5 device (HD2 got stolen), anyone interested to do some testing for me?

BusGuide WP7 ver 1.4 now on marketplace

Version 1.4 of BusGuide WP7 is now up on marketplace. This version has an updated UI which I hope is cleaner and less confusing to use. There is also a new function, where you can edit the bus stops in your favourite list, and choose what buses is to be displayed or hidden, the next […]

BusGuide WP7 update now on marketplace

The update to BusGuide WP7 is now on marketplace. Bus arrival timing is now working, via the APIs provided by SBS. Functionality is now slightly different though. To ensure that my app does not flood SBS’s servers, I am now caching the bus timing results pulled from a query, for 1 minute. What this means […]

BusGuide updates will be out soon

I received the developer key from SBS last week, and have started making the code changes to BusGuide, to make use of the APIs from SBS. There will be some minor changes to the app, in that it will now need to get your unique device ID. This is required to allow a more accurate […]

BusGuide has received access to IRIS bus timing info

This is good news indeed. After meeting up with folks from SBS last Friday to demo my BusGuide app and to request access to their IRIS bus timing info, I was given the contract to sign today. This effectively mean that BusGuide will officially be given access to the bus timing info on IRIS. Due […]

SBS blocking IRIS bus timing info

I started getting emails from a few BusGuide users, that the app no longer shows the bus timing information. My first thought was that maybe, the SBS IRIS website is down. Checking the site on my browser, I was surprised though, to see that there is now, a CAPTCHA field, that has to be filled […]