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Minimize data binding lag in WP7 by delaying the load data for the ViewModel Items

In a Model View ViewModel (MVVM) WP7 app, the loading of data for the ViewModel items usually gets executed in the page “Loaded” event. When the ViewModel Items is huge (list of many items), there is a noticeable lag though, when navigating to the page, and having the page opened. For example, click a link […]

SG Used Cars 1.3 for mango, now on marketplace

The SG Used Cars app mango update is finally up on marketplace. Version 1.3 does not add new features but only improvements to the existing ones. One improvement is the fast app switching. You can now multi task and switch back to the app and it will open immediately. The other improvement is that when […]

Singapore Mango Launch event

The Mango upgrade for Windows Phone 7 was officially launched in Singapore on the 28th Sep 2011. I was quite surprised to get a call from Microsoft, to be present at the launch event to share my experience as a Windows Phone developer, and to highlight the improvement the new OS brings about to my […]

STOMP Mobile broken due to changes in STOMP website

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just 1 day after I demoed STOMP Mobile at the official Mango launch event, the app is now broken. It was working this evening but has stopped working bout 15 mins ago. Doing a check with, it looks like app has broken down due to the HTML changes introduced […]

BusGuide WP7 now Mango ready, ver 1.5

BusGuide WP7 is now mango ready. Fast app switching is now working so switching back to BusGuide when multi tasking works very well. In addition to this, you can now pin to start any of the bus stops in your favourite list. This release also fixes a bug, where pressing the refresh button after 1 […]

Stomp Mobile WP7 ver 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Stomp Mobile WP7 is now mango ready. This update is only for Mango devices, and brings with it lots of improvements. Fast App switching is now available, allowing you to quickly switch back to the app when multitasking. Pin to start any news articles or categories. Need to share an article on […]

Developers Garage Meet Up

Thanks to BuzzCity, who invited me to give a short talk on my journey as a Windows Phone 7 developer at their Developers Garage Meet Up. Being the 2nd time I actually gave a talk, I think I did better this time. I still experience stage fright, but having my wife, who by then was […]

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 3 (settings)

Lots of new settings for Mango. Its quite a huge improvement to me, and it looks like Microsoft has been listening to users’ feedback. I sure hope they finalize Mango and release the production version soon. In case you are curious what phone I’m running Mango on, take a look below

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 2 (messaging)

Following up on part 1 of the review, where I looked at the improvements of the People Hub, I will now highlight the differences in the messaging functions in Mango. On the overall, the improvement over NODO is quite significant, with the build in IM client as the biggest one.

WP7 Mango has arrived… Part 1

Managed to get my hands on an early WP7 Mango build, and I am really impressed. The improvements, while subtle for now, really does make the phone a more pleasant one to use. Been using it for a day and I really like what they have done to it. As this is a very early […]