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Text Wrapping a WP7 HyperlinkButton

If you have ever used a HyperlinkButton in your WP7 app, you will notice that the “TextWrapping” property is not available to that control. What happens if you have a HyperlinkButton with a really long name is, it gets truncated as such. You can set the text to wrap though by generating your own custom […]

Data Binding IsEnabled values to the WP7 appbar button

If you’ve ever tried to databind values to a WP7 application appbar, you will realize that its not possible to do so. This will mean, for example, that you will not be able to enable/disable an appbar button by setting the value in your View Model. You will instead, need to do this from the […]

Changing font size, color and style of WP7 Panorama/Pivot title

While helping out at the Nokia X-Calibre hackathon, one of the most commonly asked question I got was, The font size of the panaroma/pivot title is too big. How do I change the size, or even add an image to the title, while still maintaining the default margins… It really is simple to do this. […]